A Reader Wonders Why George Will Sees No Connection Between Muslim Terrorism And...More Muslim Terrorism
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Re: James Fulford's posts IQ Researchers Respond To Anonymous Questionnaire “Normally”–But Many Would Be Watsoned If Their Beliefs Were Made Public  and The Muslim War On Christmas In Germany–Real Deaths In The Christkindlmarkt

From: Mitchell Day [Email him]

Speaking of low I.Q. I was watching Special Report with Bret Baier and they were talking about the three terrorist attacks in Germany (the truck attack) Switzerland (an unknown gunman  shooting at a  Muslim center in Zurich) and Turkey. (A Turkish Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar murdered the Russian Ambassador.) [Wave of recent terror attacks raises new concerns, December 19, 2016]

George Will made the statement that he couldn't see a connection between the three attacks. I thought that they all had Islam in common. Isn't that a connection? Who was driving the truck in Germany? Who was pulling the trigger in Turkey? Who got shot in Switzerland? Muslims! Helloooooo!

Special Report should be renamed Special Education!

Definition: "A special school is a school catering to students who have special educational needs due to severe learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioral problems."

I think George suffers from "severe learning difficulties"!

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