A Reader Is Dubious About Allen West
February 19, 2011, 04:00 AM
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Re: Washington Watcher`s piece CPAC: Conservatives Pandering—Aliens (Still) Coming

From: Clem Poston [Email him]

Washington Watcher wrote "I say this not to fault West, who is a real conservative and has taken a strong position against mass immigration and racial preferences."

Yet he joins the Black Caucus?

II admit he talks a good game but the GOP is full of good talkers.

I am just so over this double mindedness and double standard with race and politics. The GOP it seems is becoming every bit as "progressive"  as the Democrats. I actually have no problem with race groups per se—if we can all have them—otherwise I have strong objection to it and West in spite of his rhetoric is neither denouncing nor seeking a "level playing field" as it were. So call me highly dubious.

James Fulford writes: I think that while  J. C. Watts refused to join the BC because he didn`t want to be associated with them—called them "race-hustling poverty  pimps"— West is joining because he wants to annoy them. [Rep.-elect West says Congressional Black Caucus could use some ideological diversity, By George Bennett, Palm Beach Post, November 7, 2010]

I would be more concerned about Hispanic Republicans joining the Hispanic Caucus, and female Republicans joining the Congressional Women`s Caucus, since in those cases they`re doing so because they do agree with the aims of the special interest groups.