A Reader Is Dubious About Allen West
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Re: Washington Watcher's piece CPAC: Conservatives Pandering—Aliens (Still) Coming

From: Clem Poston [Email him]

Washington Watcher wrote "I say this not to fault West, who is a real conservative and has taken a strong position against mass immigration and racial preferences."

Yet he joins the Black Caucus?

II admit he talks a good game but the GOP is full of good talkers.

I am just so over this double mindedness and double standard with race and politics. The GOP it seems is becoming every bit as "progressive"  as the Democrats. I actually have no problem with race groups per se—if we can all have them—otherwise I have strong objection to it and West in spite of his rhetoric is neither denouncing nor seeking a "level playing field" as it were. So call me highly dubious.

James Fulford writes: I think that while  J. C. Watts refused to join the BC because he didn't want to be associated with them—called them "race-hustling poverty  pimps"— West is joining because he wants to annoy them. [Rep.-elect West says Congressional Black Caucus could use some ideological diversity, By George Bennett, Palm Beach Post, November 7, 2010]

I would be more concerned about Hispanic Republicans joining the Hispanic Caucus, and female Republicans joining the Congressional Women's Caucus, since in those cases they're doing so because they do agree with the aims of the special interest groups.

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