A Reader Writes On The Occupation Of Maryland
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02/17/11 - A Dallas Reader Notes Michael Barone's Emotionalism Over Immigration

From: Kevin Lamb [email him]

Re: Donald A. Collins's article Democrat In DC Notes Establishment Shock, Shock! As Demographic Disaster Unfolds

Don Collin's VDARE.com posting is on the mark.

Of course, one major aspect of this demographic explosion that Isiah Leggett or any other Maryland official won't tell you is that the Hispanic population is largely concentrated in key areas (although the boundaries of these ethnic Latino enclaves are expanding outward in to adjacent  communities). Assimilation is a joke. The WP coverage of this 2000-2010 demographic change is eye-opening.

What readers outside the immediate area do not realize is that increasingly large stretches of territory in and around Montgomery County are now considered off limits by many middle-class native white families seeking a peace-of-mind suburban existence for their kids (safe parks, good schools, clean public areas, areas largely crime-free, etc.). English is a foreign language throughout much of Langley Park (see 2005 WP article, "Langley Park Reeling After Slashings of 5 Victims in 5 Days 'Horrifying' Attacks Not Connected, Police Say" By Allison Klein and Nick Anderson, Washington Post, August 16, 2005)

I lived in the Oakview neighborhood (10 minutes directly north of Langley Park) in the late 1980s and in 1994/1995 and the neighborhood has been severely transformed in less than 20 years—from a tolerable aging neighborhood in need of "gentrification" to an undesirable alien threshold. But the negative experiences of local, life-long residents (the stuff Terry Anderson would talk about) will never be publicly attributed to this influx of foreigners. Leggett's quote in the Gazette article is typical of the mindset.

Consequently, many residents have moved out of Oakview. A map of "Crime rates for Silver Spring, MD" highlights Oakview as less safe than other Silver Spring communities.

This migration—one population pushing out another population—takes its toll on the environment since the need for new "safe" and "affordable" neighborhoods spawns more construction, more housing, and converting former rural land and farms into desirable exurb communities.

Kevin Lamb (email him) is a former library assistant for Newsweek and managing editor of Human Events. He was also assistant editor of the Evans-Novak Political Report. He is now Managing Editor of The Social Contract. His most recent VDARE.COM article was "Print The Legend!" Michael Scammell, Arthur Koestler, And The Case Of Cyril Burt

James Fulford writes: I noticed when editing Don Collins's piece that four different Washington Post reporters had done four different stories saying the same thing—at the customary inflated MSM salary and benefits. It beats me why they  couldn't either have the same guy cover all of them, or, even less expensive, commission an op-ed from Pat Buchanan to say "I told you so, you…fools".

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