A Reader Had A Bad Reaction To The Old Logo
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Re: Mark Mallarde's letter  A California Reader Appreciates Our New Logo

From: Dan Madden [Email him]

James Fulford wrote

"This is just weird. As far as I know, the Nazis were not big on deer."

Do you mean to suggest that the resemblance of the doe's head to the symbolic "Satanic goat" never occurred to you?

My first reaction (around 2003/2004) to the doe was that I'd stumbled across some sort of "evil racist" site.  Intellectually I would have considered it extremely unlikely that any of you were actual satanists, but to someone unaccustomed to thinking politically about race/immigration (from a pro-rather than anti-white perspective, that is) it was easy to fall prey to thinking I'm being lured into some kind of "evil."

The redesigned site is much more pleasant.  (And you'll soon be used to it enough, you change-hater, you.)

James Fulford writes: Googling "Satanic goat" images, I can kind of see what Dan Madden means, although I think  it's partly something that you could get from any animal head-on image, the Texas Longhorns symbol, for example.However, it comes under the heading of what I wrote about in "They'll Think You're Signaling"! Dog-Whistles From Goldwater To Reagan To Palina really ferocious double-standard, where conservatives are suspected of all kinds of weird stuff for absolutely crazy reasons.

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