A Reader On Country Club Republicans As Consumers Of Cheap Labor
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Re: James Fulford's blog post David Frum On Rick Perry:"Why Have Labor Laws Gone So Badly Enforced? In Very Large Part: Because Rick Perry’s Donors Don’t Want Them Enforced."

From: Carson Brewer [Email him]

Old-line Country Club Republicans will never come down hard against Third World immigration.  These guys are the ultimate consumers of cheap labor and the Hispanic invasion has not only decreased their labor costs but enlarged their customer base.  They have not lost anything.

Their wealth is not threatened. They don't live next door to a 20-member Hispanic family raising goats  and  chickens in the front  yard.The only Hispanics they see are their lowly-paid landscapers  and maids.

But who knows—perhaps a Romney will be passed over for admission to Harvard in favor of a less academically qualified Hispanic.

That might drive the point home. 

Let's hope something like this happens before the next presidential election.

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