A Reader Attacks The NEW YORKER's Hypocrisy On The Countries We Still Prefer Calling Hellholes
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From: Sonny [Email him]

Just another example of media hypocrisy on this weeks baseless Trump scandal, Sh*tholegate.

In the January 15th edition, The New Yorker magazine runs yet another  tearjerking puff piece on illegal aliens. "When Deportation Is A Death Sentence".

The idea is that the areas which these illegal aliens came from are so dangerous and depraved, it is cruel and unusual to send them back and akin to sentencing them to death.

Today, The New Yorker protests Pres. Trump's characterization of certain Third World countries as "sh*tholes" by running this piece filled with slurs and quotes calling Trump a racist for his remarks.

With one word—the latest in a string of slurs about other nations and peoples—President Trump has demolished his ability to be taken seriously on the global stage.

The “Sh*thole Countries”—and the Rest of the World—Respond to President Trump

By Robin Wright, January 12, 2018

To which I say, "With these words—the latest in a string of biased propaganda and baseless attacks on our country, its founding stock, and its democratically elected leader, this leftist rag has demolished its ability to be taken seriously on any subject matter anywhere."


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