A Black Baltimore Reader Is Appalled That We Would "Even Insinuate" That Integration Was Responsible For The Many, Many, Baltimore Murders Of Whites
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Re: Paul Kersey's His Name Was Alexander Wroblewski: Another White Bartender in 70 % Black Baltimore Murdered by Blacks and His Name is Sebastian Dvorak: Popular White Bartender Murdered by Black Male in 70% Black Baltimore

From: Anishia Coleman [Email her]

I and many others do not appreciate using these two bartenders’ murders to push your racist agenda. Both were friends and coworkers of mine and neither were racist. It is appalling that you would even insinuate that ethnic integration is the cause for these two murders... shame on you and your staff.

Both of these beautiful men would be rolling in their grave. You are a disgrace for everything they stood for as individuals. But you don’t know them. So you selfishly use them to push your agenda. Smh.

James Fulford writes: The murder rate in a given city goes up with an increase in black population, down when gentrification lowers that population. That's just statistics. But murders of whites by blacks happen only in integrated environments.

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