A Reader Asks About GOP Money And Amnesty
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April 22, 2013, 03:20 AM
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From: Alex In Arkansas [Email him

Around election time, I remember several writers suggesting that Romney could increase his chances considerably if he`d come out strong against amnesty and in support of border control. He never did, and he likely lost the election because of this. So why didn`t he?

More importantly, why hasn`t focused more on following the GOP money, to try and determine why high-level GOP pols are avoiding this tactic like the plague?

Don`t we need to know exactly why the Republicans are consciously throwing in the towel, or are we contented merely by speculating that it probably has something to do with Sheldon Adelson`s money?

writes: In fact, we`re doing a lot of specific coverage of this issue, although there are llimits to what can be known. Donations are public, but negotiations with donors are secret, so we don`t know who`s promising what.

See Patrick Cleburne`s work below:

But really, none of this is an actual secret, it`s just being ignored by the Main Stream Media. A report from the Sunlight Foundation showed that pro-Amnesty forces had spent $1.5 BILLION dollars over the last four years. That`s a lot of money available for someone.

As far as we know, all GOP Senators get donations from cheap-labor profiteeering industries, and many openly support employers who break the law, and say, openly, that they`re passing laws to help employers with their "labor shortage."

This part is not a secret—it`s an open conspiracy against the American worker, and instead of looking for a smoking gun of some kind, all we have to do is continue to point out what`s in plain sight.