A Texas Reader Points Out The Problem With “Border State Governors” Forming A Commission On Border Control—The Governors Are Either Hispanic, Disloyal, Or Both
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s article Border Commission: Rubio Fooled Limbaugh By Lying About Mandate

From: Don Reynolds [Email him]

I appreciate the way Patrick Cleburne called out Rubio on the newest lies.

But Cleburne did not touch on what must be an important point.....Any Commission of the Governors of the Border States to oversee, or comment, or improve border security is simply insane. The first prime example is

I am sure you remember and yes, they have a better governor now.

Do we want the governors of the Border States to get control of border security? Absolutely NOT. The Hispanic politics of the Border States are too far advanced, and too far gone, to be expected to stop the invasion across the border. If anything, they would only make the situation worse for the other states, by encouraging other states like Alabama, North Carolina, and Iowa to take in more of their unwanted guests to get them off the welfare rolls of the Border States.

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