House GOP, Dems Connive To Displace American Ag Workers
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"This bad? You should see how they treat the workers!"

On Tuesday the House Judiciary Committee held hearings on how to displace Americans from Agribusiness jobs by using immigrants. You have to go pretty deep into the weeds to find even veiled accounts, of course, but Reuters, being foreign controlled, has apparently not quite got with the program and blurted out: US meat industry seeks 3-year worker visa in immigration reform Tue Feb 26, 2013
Mike Brown, president of the National Chicken Council, called for a work visa good for at least three years "to recognize that employer needs in industry are permanent in nature, not temporary."

A longer-term visa is needed to offset the expense of training meat industry workers, Brown said. The workers could apply for visa extensions and there would be "a path to permanency."

The Huffington Post was considerably more discreet about what is being proposed, but made an important point: Bipartisan agreement on need for more farm workers.

It certainly fits the definition of Bipartisan.

We are not talking seasonal work here. We are talking steady, ongoing blue collar work which once provided a good living in small town America. As I warned in 2013's Immigration Push Not Just Amnesty: Slave Power Wants Open Borders Too!  Employers seem to be looking to trade off enfranchising millions of new Democrats for a major legal immigration acceleration. The Dairy Industry is in on it. So is the Poultry Industry. Steve Sailer is absolutely right:

…they want to bribe their foreign workers by having the rest of us give their workers legal permanent residency in return for accepting terrible wages from the growers.

Privatize profits, socialize costs.

… the growers are permanently changing the demographics of America to save themselves a few bucks in wages.

Given the cheapness of travel nowadays, this process could go on as long as America and its social services are deemed preferable by any community anywhere in the world.

Complain to Mike Brown about his industry’s reckless selfishness.

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