A Reader Wonders If Mexicans Can Be Encouraged To Migrate In Reverse; Our Answer, Yes, But It Won't Help
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From: Theresa [Email her]

Could it be possible that there could be a reverse migration back to Mexico?  I am talking about maybe Mexico being like Florida for many Mexican-American retirees. Just as Florida started out as a retirement attraction, then became a lure for the children of retirees until now millions of northerners have moved down to Florida to enjoy the climate, it could be possible that Mexican retirees could move to Mexican retirement communities.

Retirees could live comfortably on their Social Security checks in Mexico, their retirement income could form the basis for local economies, which would, in turn make more jobs for the community. The children of the retirees would visit their retired parents, find that they enjoyed the lifestyle and then settle in Mexico just as American northerners followed their retired parents to Florida. The Social Security checks would form the basis of the economy which would grow as service jobs would be necessary for the retirees, this would in turn make jobs for their adult children.

If some smart person could come up with a "Villages" in Mexico for Mexican-American retirees, I'll bet it would attract many people who could benefit from the lower cost of living. I hope some smart business person on either side of the border can see the value in such a plan.

James Fulford writes: It’s an interesting thought, but it wouldn’t solve many problems. It is worth noting that that many immigrants, legal and illegal, are not planning to “became Americans.” They have moved to America to gain access to American money, and when they retire, hope to move home.

As Sam Francis noted in 2003, most Mexican immigrants won’t even let themselves be buried in America—they have their bodies sent home to Mexico.  

So yes, they will be moving back, if they can take American money with them—that’s already part of the plan


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