An Arizona Reader (of Cuban Extraction) Has No Use For Florida Senator Mel Martinez
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From: Malena Mueller [e-mail her]

Re: Paul Nachman's Blog: David Broder Falls For the "Hispanic Republican" Myth

I've had it with the monolithic viewpoint that anyone of Hispanic ancestry welcomes turning our country into Crapistan. Arizona's vote on Proposition 200 that stopped illegal aliens from taxpayer subsidies and voting in elections turned that viewpoint on its head. I am half Peruvian and half Cuban but I hate all that hyphenated crap. 

I am an American.

After reading Nachman's blog on journalist David Broder and Sen. Martinez,  I was so infuriated that I shot this email to Broder:

I am an American of Cuban extraction and in my opinion Martinez couldn't find water if he fell off a boat.

Republicans will lose big, but not for the reasons he mentions.  What makes him (or you) think that just because some of us Americans have Hispanic roots we condone lawlessness and anarchy?  What the hell makes him think that we want our country to turn into the craphole from where we came?  What makes him think that we think it's just dandy to have our jobs taken for cheap?  But mostly, what makes him think that this transformation of America into a third world slum can possibly be any good?

Bring back Pete Wilson.  At least he had guts.  Now all we have is namby- pamby RINO's trying to out-pander democrats.

Republicans will lose support their base and from that they might never recover.  Martinez and you would do yourselves a favor if you remember that illegal aliens don't vote (at least they're not supposed to), but citizens do and the citizens are mad.  Yes, we want our borders closed, and our immigration laws enforced. And no, we don't want our country to turn into an appendage of Mexico.  If that makes me a racist, nationalist, nativist, xenophobe or whatever the name du jour is, so be it. 

I want my country to remain America.  So sue me. 

A disgusted Republican.

I'm with VDARE.COM in that illegal immigration is not the only problem; legal immigration should also be halted if we are to save our identity.  I know, I know, I'm a nativist pig.

Keep up the good work.

Mueller, who came to the U.S. in the mid-1970s, lives in the Tucson area where she is "raising two children to be Americans in an English only household."

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