An Indiana Reader Calls VDARE.COM "Populist" and "Speculative"
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08/15/06 - A Puerto Rican Reader Says Statehood Should Come Before Amnesty For Aliens

From:  Nodra I [e-mail her]

Why don't you guys post letters from readers with a different opinion?

Press publications usually do.

The fact that you don't says it all about you: you're one-sided.

In addition to that, your posts are racist, populist, and speculative

If there weren't jobs to lure them to America, illegal immigrants wouldn't be coming.

At least the immigrants are not forcing you out to the "unimmigrated" areas— Alaska for instance, unlike the early settlers who wiped out the natives out of their land, and now claim it's theirs.

Indiana's largest trading partner is Mexico, and Indiana also has a large number of Mexican workers living here.

A recent study by the Indianapolis-based Sagamore Institute for Policy Research titled " Connecting Mexico and the Hoosier Heartland" that shows how important Mexico is to our state and vice versa.

Joe Guzzardi comments: As I told Nodra I, an economics and finance college senior, we post plenty of letters with opposing views. I forwarded some to her for review. And we have written a gazillion words calling for workplace sanctions and harsh punishment for people who hire illegal aliens.

The accusation of racism is tedious and unfounded. 

As for the somewhat curious charge that our views are speculative, I suggest to Nodra I that she forget about the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research and become acquainted with her Indiana neighbor Edwin S. Rubenstein whose reports, supported by cold immigration facts, are unchallenged by anyone regardless of his predisposition on the National Question. 

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