A NY Reader (Black, Paleocon) Rejects Pandering To Minority Interests
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From: Kevin Brown (email him)

Re: "A DE Reader Questions The Need For Paleoconservatives To Accommodate Blacks" by Rick Johnson 

I agree with VDARE.COM reader Rick Johnson.

I'm Black, Republican, and a Paleoconservative. I supported Pat Buchanan's presidential bids in the 1990s because I liked his message on immigration and free trade. Back then I didn't know what his philosophy was, I just liked the message.

I believe that the concept of defending "one's own" can be controversial, but to me it makes perfect sense. Who's going to defend your country, culture, family, etc. if you don't?

Paleoconservatives should not adjust their message or go out of their way to pander to blacks or any other group. But if some get the message, like I did, then it's all good. But if not, Americans (white, Hispanic, black, etc.) will still have a country to defend.

Brown's previous VDARE.COM letter is here.

VDARE notes: As to the last point about pandering to minority interests, it reflects Pat Buchanan's view of the GOP as a "big tent" political party (from his autobiography Right From the Beginning),

"The decisive swing vote in presidential politics is not a minority vote. The pragmatic, as well as the principled, course for the Republican party, then, is to change neither ritual nor liturgy to accommodate those who disbelieve, but to leave the church door open and keep the welcome mat out."

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