A NC Reader Is Saddened And Angered Over Anne Pressly Murder
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03/14/09 - A NY Reader (Black, Paleocon) Rejects Pandering To Minority Interests

From: Jon-Erik Nordquist (email him)

Re: "Ann Coulter Fans Didn't Murder Anne Pressly—It Was The "Usual Suspect". But No One's Apologizing" by Nicholas Stix

This posting saddened me, considering the loss of such a beautiful woman and, of course, reading about the grisly details angered me as well.

I hate these murderers and I hate the sniveling talking heads who shield them. I know there are others who feel the same way and want to do something about this despicable phenomenon and overcome the media bias against us. I wonder if letters to the editor are enough or if public demonstrations of the sort held during the Vietnam War would be feasible. It deserves consideration.

Thank you for posting Nicholas Stix's contributions on VDARE.COM.

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