A DE Reader Questions The Need For Paleoconservatives To Accommodate Blacks
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From: Rick Johnson (email him) 

Re: "What's the Matter with the South Side of Chicago"? By Randall Burns

Randall Burns' desperate longing to get black support is pathetic. The very reason for the existence of Paleoconservatives is to ignore the others and promote one's own. If others come along on their own volition, well, that is all to the good. But do not pander to them.

The Paleo prescription can be summarized as affirming one's own. This does not imply hatred for others. Example: Loving, cherishing and favoring your own family—that is affirming it—does not mean that you bear any hatred for your neighbors. 

Johnson is a former security specialist and stock trader with 30 years experience. He recently authored a financial e-book, Finding Waves. His previous letter on VDARE.COM can be viewed here.

Randall Burns Replies: I'm not expecting blacks to support Paleoconservatives. I do think that if Paleocons would look long and hard at some of their policies, they wouldn't scare some of the other groups which have strong opposition to mass immigration quite so much.

One of the last really eloquent, mainstream politicians to openly oppose mass immigration was Barbara Jordan (I heard her speak while I was at the University of Chicago upon an invitation by one of my black friends). Jordan actually had a lot of grassroots support among blacks.

Poll after poll says that blacks are one of the more Immigration-skeptical groups by many important measures (Beyond Red and Blue, a Pew Institute study, goes into some of this)but blacks are largely absent from anti-immigration groups.

I'm not expecting blacks to become paleocons, but I don't think the immigration issue will really get addressed until the various groups who are opposed to mass immigration can communicate with each other in some good fashion.

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