A CT Reader Says Young CPAC Attendees Enthusiastic For Palin—Brimelow An Old Fogey; He Replies
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From: Paul Streitz (email him)

Re: "'Regardless Of Their Doom/ The Little Victims Play': CPAC, Frum, Limbaugh…And America?" by Peter Brimelow

It seems that Peter Brimelow missed a lot of the action at CPAC because he apparently did not visit the exhibitors' hall.

There were three booths promoting Gov. Sarah Palin: our 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, Team Sarah and the Young America's Foundation gave away twenty-four by thirty-six inch glossy color posters of the Governor. These were by far the most popular items of the convention.

What was most interesting was the cheerful, optimistic attitude of the young people there, and they were from everywhere. There were students from Alaska, California, Washington, Maine, and Florida. There was no gloom and doom that all is lost but rather a cheerful, optimistic attitude that this was fight and a fight worth winning.  They did not hate Obama; they just thought he was wrong and they wanted to win, to have their views dominate.

Many were disappointed that Gov. Sarah Palin was not in attendance, but they took it in their stride.

Governor Palin is wonderful because she is old enough to have accomplished something and young enough to be a heroine, role model or whatever you might want to call her for the next generation. 

Over three hundred students signed up to be on the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee mailing list, many saying they adored the governor. Governor Palin's ideas, ideals and life are becoming a part of their DNA. It is something that cannot exactly be explained, but only be experienced.

Kevin J. DeAnna had his Youth for Western Civilization booth. Yes, there are actually students who root for Western Civilization. We are working on a poster (minus Genghis Khan) and I am working on having this October as Western Civilization Month.

CPAC was the start of a wonderful optimistic revival. The old fogies shouldn't blow it by being too negative, pessimistic and discouraging.

Peter Brimelow replies: Not only was I in the Exhibit Hall, but there's a movie to prove it! And I have a press clip to prove my presence at the Youth for Western Civilization kick-off.

I also remarked specifically on the youth and enthusiasm of the CPAC crowd. But I said they were confused, and I think that any support for Sarah Palin confirms it. Many VDARE.COM readers had great hopes for Palin. But she has not actually indicated what, if anything, she thinks about immigration. At this point—and it could change—she is a cultural rather than a political phenomenon.

Of course, that goes exactly to the conclusion I drew at the end of my article: something was indeed going on at the CPAC grass roots, but, in Kevin MacDonald's terms, it is implicit rather than explicit.

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