A Reader Says Immigration Reformers Are "Undercut" in "front-ended" presidential primaries
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03/21/07 - A Reader Wonders Why The Senator From Arizona Needs To
Go To Iowa To Find The Immigration Issue.

From: Kevin Brown

With three Rockefeller Republicans vying for the presidential nomination, I still never thought I'd live to see a presidential race with no Goldwater, Reagan, Buchanan in the top tier.

As I finally realized, this is no accident. Republican voters, bloggers, talk hosts, and traditionalists have been screaming for a real conservative for many months, so the Establishment offers up Senator Fred Thompson and former governor Mike Huckabee as alternatives.

It's funny though, Thompson and Huckabee may be conservative on most issues, but still leave the nasty taste of open borders in your mouth. The "pro" borders candidates (Tancredo, Hunter, and Paul) are virtually invisible in the mainstream media, even talk radio. Why the exclusion? Their names are never mentioned by the highly compensated talking heads on cable TV.

As far as the front-ended presidential primaries are concerned, it's serves as an opportunity for the Establishment to undercut the Southern primaries (most notably South Carolina) and their ability to pick a conservative Nominee. By the time Southern Tuesday happens, the Northern Liberal bloc of states (NY, Cal, Fla, etc,.) would have already lined their delegates behind one of the "Rockefeller" brothers, who at that point would be considered unbeatable.

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