A New York Lawyer Calls Sonia Sotomayor "A Reliable Leftist-Liberal"
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From: Henry McCulloch (e-mail him)

B. Hussein Obama has performed predictably, picking an affirmative action twofer as his first Supreme Court nominee. Sonia Sotomayor is a Puerto Rican woman, and a reliable leftist-liberal, who was affirmatively inducted into and indoctrinated by both Princeton University and the Yale Law School. 

George H.W. Bush (the same man who gave us David Souter) inflicted her on the federal judiciary as a district judge in Manhattan. Then Bill Clinton promoted her to the 2nd Circuit.  More proof, as if we need any, that Republican presidents are just as inclined to appoint bad judges as Democrats.

Sotomayor was instrumental in the now-notorious Ricci case pending before the Supreme Court, and seems to have played a major role in burying the record of the case in the course of ruling against the New Haven firemen. 

She is on record as describing her federal appeals court as the place "where policy is made."  Sotomayor is also on record saying there is every reason to believe "Latinas" on the bench will reach better decisions than white men. 

In a sane society, those comments would have put her out of consideration for any judicial nomination.  But today, in post-America, the post-American president means to let her entrench those usurping views sitting on the Supreme Court – from which there is, effectively, no appeal.

While nobody can be surprised that Obama has picked an ideology-driven mediocrity on the basis of race and sex, there are still aspects of Sotomayor's preferment that the shrinking American majority might usefully ponder. 

The combination of the schools to which Sotomayor was admitted and the high positions to which she has been preferred, in every case no doubt at the expense of far more qualified white Americans, should be a forceful reminder to old stock Americans about how they are systematically being purged from and denied access to the schools their ancestors founded and built and the institutions of the society and government their ancestors also founded and built. 

In her handling of the Ricci case, Sotomayor has made it clear that white Americans looking for equal treatment under the law should not waste their time appealing to her.

We may be absolutely sure no mainstream media outlet will comment on that aspect of Sotomayor's nomination, and that no politician will oppose her nomination based on that.

Nevertheless, let's hope that Senate Republicans—possibly the Judiciary Committee's ranking Republican Jeff Sessions—have the intestinal fortitude to oppose Sotomayor on the grounds that she is an incompetent judge predisposed to legislate unconstitutionally from the bench. 

McCulloch is an occasional contributor to VDARE.COM. His articles and letters are archived here.

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