A New York Reader Says Los Mets Are A Sad Collection
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From: Robert Kuza (e-mail him)

Re: Nicolas Stix's Blog: Los Mets Fired The Wrong Man

Things are tough for Los Mets. Carlos (Delgado), Jose (Reyes) and Alex (Cora) are hurt.

The other Carlos (Beltran) is limping, too. Francisco (Tatis) might have to play shortstop.

Los Mets demoted multimillion- dollar bust Oliver (Perez) and his 10.00 ERA to save him from further embarrassment when he took to the mound. Maybe the team should have offered Pedro (Martinez) a contract.

But the situation could be worse. Los Mets still have catchers Omir (Santos) and Ramon (Castro) as well as and infielders Luis (Castillo) and Ramon (Martinez).

And thank God for pitchers Johan (Santana) and Francisco (Rodriquez). If it weren't for them, General Manager Omar (Mineya) and Manager Jerry (Manuel) would be in a real bind.

Carlos…Jose…Francisco…Oliver…Omir…Luis…Ramon…Pedro. Whatever happened to Mickey, Willie and the Duke?

Welcome to baseball 2009, the Great (South) American pastime.

Kuza, an electrician, adds that he is so disgusted that he will not attend any games at the Mets' new Citi Field even if tickets are given to him free.

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