A Nebraska Reader Reports High School Administrators Punished Students For Satirizing Illegals, Condemned Flag
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From: Dale Gribble (e-mail him)

A recent soccer game in Nebraska indicates how Political Correctness is getting a leg up in the state's fight to preserve its piece of America.

Lincoln East High School, 90 percent white, defeated 60 percent Hispanic Omaha South High in the state championship game.

After their victory, some Lincoln East students threw out green colored cards which were intended to indicate the immigration status of their opponents. 

Liberty East principal Sue Cassata [email her] suspended five students for their "despicable" acts. 

Among the suggestions made to the Liberty East students are that they are wrong to wave the American flag and should use the incident as an example of the importance of getting along in a "global society"

Said Cassata: "We are a community that celebrates and embraces diversity."  (Lincoln East Students Suspended Over "Green Card" Incident, by Margaret Griest, Journal Star, May 15, 2010)

In other words, the soccer game's fall out prompted a huge white guilt fest in which school administrators want to teach kids that they should cheerfully give up their country because it is the nice and tolerant thing to do.

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