A New Jersey Reader Wonders How Obama Can Help Reid Now That Nevada Has Highest Unemployment Rate In U.S.
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From: Lou Ward (e-mail him)

In what only can be read as a desperate measure, Senator Harry Reid has summoned President Barack Obama to campaign for him in July. (Obama to Campaign for Harry Reid in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Sun, June 14, 2010)

Apparently Reid hasn't spoken with any of the other Democrats that Obama took down after appearing on their behalf including the New Jersey senate incumbent Jon Corzine and Massachusetts' Martha Coakley. 

If Obama can't help two high visibility Democrats in overwhelmingly Democratic New Jersey and Massachusetts, how do either Reid or he figure the day can be saved in Nevada?

Stumping for Reid just became more difficult. According to May's statistics, Nevada now has the country's highest unemployment rate, 14.1 percent. For the unemployed, Reid's incessant advocacy for amnesty is a major reason not to support him for re-election. [Nevada's Unemployment Rate Tops in Nation, by Jennifer Robinson, Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 18, 2010]

No matter what the Democrats say, American would do those jobs that Obama and Reid have allowed illegal aliens to keep.

Ward is a credit analyst at a major New York-based financial institution that was, until recently, held in high regard. His previous letters about Freedom of Speech and the DREAM Act are here and here.

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