A Delaware Reader Explains How Far We've Fallen From Respecting The Law
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From: Thomas Intintola (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: WSJ Highlights Immigration Law Dereliction!!!

In the story cited by Patrick Cleburne in his blog, this quote from George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley appeared:

 "A legal system cannot demand the faith and fealty of the governed when rules are seen as arbitrary and deceptive. Our leaders have led us not to an economic crisis or an immigration crisis or an environmental crisis or a civil liberties crisis. They have led us to a crisis of faith where citizens no longer believe that laws have any determinant meaning. It is politics, not the law, that appears to drive outcomes—a self-destructive trend for a nation supposedly defined by the rule of law." [Do Laws Even Matter Today? by Jonathan Turley, USA Today, June 15, 2010]

What Americans have learned under the recent corrupt Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations is that laws apply only to those who can't bribe politicians, be politicians or sell themselves as a victim class.

The average citizen who does not pay his taxes gets fined or, in the worst case, arrested. If you're connected, however, you may become Secretary of the Treasury.

Being a responsible citizen has no payoff except whatever personal satisfaction you take in it.

The biggest example of federal government failure is, obviously, the illegal immigration crisis that has gone unchecked for so long that aliens have lobbyists like La Raza mouthpiece Cecilia Munoz within the White House's walls and have formed the powerful Hispanic Caucus to aggressively take their case for law-breaking to a gullible public.

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