A Nebraska Reader Says The Economist Forgot About Immigration
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From:  Dale Gribble (e-mail him)

Re: Wayne Allensworth's Column: "Built By Anglos, For Anglos"? A Texan Looks At The Economist's Special Report On His State

Allensworth does a fine job exposing The Economist's sententious attitude toward traditional values and the people who hold them. 

He also exposes the annoying habit of The Economist to beg its factual statements, such as reminding us that Texas was once a part of the Confederacy. 

Recently in an article about the nationwide budget crisis, The Economist had to admit that only North Dakota and Montana didn't have a fiscal problem because, in its view, they are "commodity rich."  [Happy New Year, The Economist, July 3 2009]

Of course, The Economist could not preface such good news about those two states by pointing out they are "immigrant poor" and therefore have missed out on what the Economist calls California's "marvelous miscegenation."

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