A Mississippi Reader Reports Local GOP, In The Hands Of Slave Power, Leaves Immigration Patriots Off Presidential Poll
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A Reader in Jackson, Mississippi [Email him]

The Mississippi Republican Party recently launched something called the 2016 Presidential Straw Poll on its website . The "poll" itself is nothing but a gimmick to expand the MSGOP's mailing list. Nonetheless, the choices offered in the "poll" are revealing of the utter contempt the Republican Party apparatchiks have for their voting base.

The list of 32 potential candidates is a pathetic collection of obscure backbenchers, discredited warmongers, and tired also-rans. The common thread is that not a single one could be called an immigration patriot.

Mediocrities such as Kelly Ayotte, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Susana Martinez, Jon Huntsman, John Bolton, Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, and Tim Pawlenty are included, whereas accomplished heroes of the immigration battles such as David Vitter, Lou Barletta, and Jan Brewer are not.

Obese bullies such as Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich, are included, whereas the fresh face and clear voice of Kris Kobach is not.

Marginal figures like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, and Allen West are included, whereas someone with billions of dollars and universal name recognition like Donald Trump is not.

Tellingly, both Rand and Ron Paul are included, indicating that the libertarian movement has been fully absorbed into the Republican Establishment. Pat Buchanan, on the other hand, is left off the list despite being three years younger than Ron Paul and having actually won some Republican primaries in his life.

Most disturbingly, the list includes outright traitors whose names should be poison to any patriotic American: Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Paul Ryan.

The most glaring omission from the list is the man who has emerged as a true champion of his people: Senator Jeff Sessions. Unlike Ted Cruz (who affects an anti-Amnesty posture without taking any steps to actually stop amnesty), Senator Sessions is doing yeoman's work to defeat the nation-killing Schumer-Rubio bill. It speaks volumes that Ted Cruz was deemed fit for inclusion in the MSGOP's Straw Poll while Sessions was not.

The Republican voters of Mississippi are probably the most reflexively conservative cross-section of voters in the country. The current governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant,  is in fact a noted immigration patriot. The MSGOP, however, is dominated by Conservatism Inc., as personified by the slimy Barbour family. The Party is largely funded by big agribusiness, whose greedy thirst for cheap labor has done untold damage to this country over the years. It is interesting to note that the MSGOP did not see fit to include Governor Bryant in its Straw Poll.

How much longer will patriotic American voters suffer this contempt from the GOP before abandoning the party entirely?

James Fulford writes: We have referred to what our reader refers to as big agribusiness as the “Slave Power”, a group of rich people who like to pay as little as possible for labor, and then act like it’s a moral principle. Mississippi has had some serious problems with people like that. In a piece called Labor Day In Mississippi, I pointed out that when ICE raided a Howard Industries plant in Laurel, Mississippi, the American workers cheered and clapped as the illegals were arrested.

One of them said of Howard Industries that "That's all they would hire—Mexican, Mexican, Mexican!"

The reason they weren’t afraid of being called racist is because they were black, descended from participants in an earlier cheap labor experiment that ended in tears.

If the GOP could get over its fear of being called racist—which isn’t going to stop, no matter what they do—it would be better off. 

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