A Canadian Reader Points To an Earlier Example Of Cheap Labor
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01/04/11 - First They Came For The Janitors…

From: A Canadian Reader [Email him]

Re: "Engineer in Alabama"'s letter First They Came For The Janitors…

I read "Engineer in Alabama"'s letter today. I agree. But I would mention it was the South that originally started the whole cheap labor problem with Negro slavery.

James Fulford writes: I see your point, although I would say that it was not the South as a whole, but rich, plantation-owning cheap labor enthusiasts within the South—at the time, they were referred to as the "Slave Power". The modern parallel would be wealthy industrialists and agribusiness types.

And look how that turned out! First there was a great Civil War, with 600, 000 dead, then Reconstruction, then a hundred years of turmoil and oppression, until the modern Civil Rights movement, fifty years of different turmoil and oppression.

And now the descendents of the African slaves of the 1850s are the first victims of modern-day immigration.

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