A Minnesota Reader Asks “Who Is Importing The East Africans?”
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From: An Anonymous Minnesota Reader [Email him]

Who is importing the East Africans? I have Googled and asked around, and I have heard that is was the United Nations and Lutheran and Catholic Social Services, but why would they import Muslims?

We have an overload of Somalis and Sudanese here in Mankato and I am sick of it... They are given houses and newer vehicles, while I have to struggle with an 18 year old car. [East Africans talk activism at MSU, By Dan Linehan,  Mankato Free Press, April 1, 2014] The people who run one of our schools are sad because they only have 25% African attendance.

James Fulford writes: I’m afraid the answer to the question “who is importing the East Africans?” is “everybody.”

And finally, I'll add that the reader is not imagining the fact that your tax dollars are funding cars and houses for Somalis—see Paranoids Can Have Enemies. Refugee “False Rumors” Can Be True, by



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