A Tennessee Reader Would Like Lamar Alexander To “Self-Deport” From Blount County, TN
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s blog posts Lamar! Survives (For Now) By Lying About His Position On Immigration and Carr Easily Wins the Votes Per Dollar Competition in TN Senate Primary

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

I live in Blount County, where Lamar Alexander grew up and where he currently has a residence.

I'm proud to say Joe Carr carried Blount County 7,131 to Lamar's 6,708.

Carr carried his home county, Rutherford (just south of Nashville), by a wide margin; and Davidson County (metro Nashville) by a narrow margin

Hopefully Lamar will take this personally and move his state residence to where it belongs—Memphis (Shelby County), which he won 34,532 to 19,809. His presence at Blackberry Farm, about seven miles from my house, only lowers my property values.

I suspect Shelby County, which is 53 % black, had a lot of Democrats voting as Republicans in the Senate primary race because no credible Democrat candidate for the Senate has emerged and Lamar votes like a Democrat anyway.

See previous letters from Kit Brewer.


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