A Mexican Reader Says the U.S. Has "Two Big Traitors": Bush and Gates
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From: Luis Sanchez [e-mail him]

The United States has two big traitors. One of them is President George Bush, who is always doing something for Mexico, the country that is invading the US, but getting nothing in return.  

The other is Bill Gates, a major donor to "poor" Mexico.  I  just heard on Mexican radio that Mr. Gates donated  $42 million dollars to a Mexican organization, supposedly philanthropic.

Gates is poorly informed about Mexico. Mexican politicians earn more money than American Senators, thanks to the wealthy Mexicans who support them.

Mexico is a rich country that receives many millions of dollars daily for oil sales.

Gates' money will never go to poor people. It is for sure the corrupt Mexican government will rob it. 

Mexicans allows millions of pirated products (many by Microsoft) to be sold freely on the streets.

This causes big economic damages to Gates. He should be very angry at Mexico but instead he gives generously.

Mexico donated only $1 million for Katrina relief [VDARE.COM note: the same amount as Pakistan], but it was eager to make millions in reconstruction businesses.

Mexico does not support the U.S. war in Iraq or assist the U.S. during times of natural disaster tragedies and is trying to take over America.

Remind me again why Bush loves Mexico so much.

Sanchez lives in Mexico

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