A MD Reader Supports Help Save Maryland Rally in Annapolis
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From:  Walter Abbott (email him)

There will be a rally for Help Save Maryland in Annapolis on Monday, February 16th. (See here for details.) This is very important, as it has to deal with our tax dollars being used and abused by the Organization Casa de Maryland.

Lawmakers in Annapolis, especially Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, have approved taxpayer funding for Casa de Maryland, an organization that harbors and abets illegal aliens in evading the law. Maryland lawmakers and news affiliates have been informed of the rally. 

Sheriff Jenkins of Frederick County has been under attack from Casa de Maryland. County Executive Ike Leggett said the matter of harboring and abetting illegal aliens is a federal problem for residents in Montgomery County, not a local issue. 

How are our county tax dollars being used to assist the illegal alien population in Washington County?   Help Save Maryland has requested a town hall meeting with our Commissioners and have yet to receive a response: 

We need to discuss the following after the Rally:

  • E Verify — Proving anyone hired is here to work legally

  • Real ID — Will need to be enforced.

  • MVA in Washington County providing drivers licenses to illegal aliens

  • Illegal aliens working in our restaurants and shopping malls. (ICE.Gov) needs to be contacted as documentation is not being verified. 

  • What plans are in place to handle these issues in Washington County?

Right now, Congress has agreed on a stimulus package that would allow for millions of dollars to go to illegal aliens and in-state tuition breaks, health care, housing, etc. 

Please join the rally in Annapolis on February 16th at Lawyers Mall. 

The author, a patriot and small businessman from Baltimore, lost work in the drywall field to illegal aliens. For more information on his run-in with Maryland authorities, see Joe Guzzardi's exclusive here.)

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