An Oregon Resident Finds Misplaced Victimization in Latest Oregonian Coverage
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From:  Fred Lathrop (email him)

Re: The Oregonian's Betsy Hammond Tries To Get A VDARE.COM Reader Fired For Challenging Her Enthusiasm For "Diversity"

The Oregonian just keeps putting out the hits. 

Regarding a shooting rampage by an immigrant that left three dead in downtown Portland, all that Maxine Bernstein [Email her] can come up with is that the state denied him mental health care because he could not prove his residency nine years ago. [State denied health insurance to shooter in 2000, February 06, 2009] 

Classic tactic! Blame the impersonal state. In a tragedy where we "all are victims," the last person or thing we might want to examine is how an immigrant child, who might have had trouble adapting to his new home, went off the rails—or how the current bum's rush of immigrants into Oregon fits into the picture. 

But even the big O must admit that there is some element of cause in this, that it is not random chance.  It is reported that the shooter hated what he called the "preps" at his mostly white high school.  I wonder who he was referring to? 

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