A Massachusetts Reader Says Third Parties Are The Last Hope
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From: Fred Douglass (e-mail him)

Re: A Reader Says Front Loaded GOP Primaries Mean An Immigration Reform Third Party Should Start NOW!

After re-reading this letter about the supposed advantage front-loaded primaries would represent to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign, I realize that the Republican Party is committing suicide.

McCain's dashed presidential hopes made me understand several things about the GOP.

First, Republicans have become married to and dependent upon a religious base. This base has troubling attitudes about others' views and lifestyles and has nothing to do with the philosophical roots of the conservative movement.

The second element of the Republican suicide mission is the rueful, disastrous and Rasputin-like control imposed by the Neocons over President Bush.

Another, third aspect is the inexplicably misguided attempts of the new Republicans to invite in and then embrace the flood of illegal immigrants.

Finally, for the RNC to let a myopic buffoon and political slickster like the now departed Karl Rove be the visible symbol and the invisible manager of its party is indicative of how hopelessly it is floundering.

Now, the Republican Party's power elite has placed Sen. Mel Martinez, a Hispanic, pro-immigration disaster as the new RNC chief.

Given an opportunity to repudiate Clintonism, Republicans at every turn behaved like Democrats.

It pains me to say this, but America will not and cannot ever elect a true conservative to run the government.

There are too many spineless, gullible and vapid moderates as well as ferociously ignorant and anti-American liberals out there.

So, perhaps a single issue (illegal immigration?) and a third-party candidate will be the last hope of a drowning political ideal.

Douglass is a retired naval weapons officer and former high school teacher. But read another letter from Don Reynolds, an immigration reform advocate, opposed to third parties, here.

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