A California Reader Is a Fan of VDARE.COM, Alien Nation and Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo
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09/19/07 - A Massachusetts Reader Says Third Parties Are The Last Hope

From: Trevor Walker (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Rudy Giuliani: GOP Frontrunner—But For How Much Longer?

I completely agree with Guzzardi's column that Rino Rudy Giuliani is an untrustworthy presidential candidate. Even though some of my friends support Giuliani, I try to talk them out of it and instead urge them to consider Congressman Tom Tancredo.

I have been a Tancredo fan since I read Alien Nation [download it free here] and discovered VDARE.COM in 2001.  I like it that Tancredo is a former teacher instead of a lawyer like most of the members of Congress.

Unfortunately, among the reasons Tancredo's chances are slim is because he lacks stage presence. I've seen him on Fox News and watched him during the little time he gets in the debates. I'm disappointed at his delivery of the great message that he has. 

I wish Tancredo could take lessons but it maybe too late for that. 

Walker is in the United States Navy and stationed in San Diego.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Walker makes an excellent point. Tancredo is much more impressive live than he is on television. In front of an audience, Tancredo is   warm and engaging and his good sense of humor comes across.

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