A Massachusetts Reader Says the Roman Catholic Church Is Heartless
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A Michigan Reader Wonders Just Who Will Teach Amnestied Aliens

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Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Mahony Baloney; Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Maybe Using the Catholic Church Will Frighten the GOP and Joe Guzzardi's Column: An Easter Reminder to Roger Cardinal Mahony—Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Thank you for the excellent postings on the Roman Catholic Church…a morally and fiscally bankrupt institution.

In the Boston area there have been more than a few church closings in recent years due to cash problems.  How can it be otherwise when every time you turn on the television there is another pedophile priest allegation?  These charges ultimately lead to huge settlements paid by the church and a loss of membership.

(See Washington Post story: "Boston Archdiocese Reports $46.3M Deficit," Denise Lavoie, April 19, 2006) 

With American and European membership in decline, the Catholic Church has turned to Africa and Latin America

It is no surprise that the church is pandering to the millions of illegal aliens in the United States.  The Catholic Church knows that now that Americans have abandoned it, the future lies with illegal aliens attending its churches and filling its coffers.

One could ask why the illegal aliens don't shy away from the church and its staff of pedophile priests.  Perhaps it's because they come from countries where every government official from the top down is the epitome of corruption.  Leaders, be they politicians or clergy, are expected to be crooked. 

The Catholic Church has a long history of corruption...the payment for absolution of sins, its support of the Nazi ratlines after WWII and the recent pedophile cover- ups.

That Roman Catholic leaders encourage illegal immigration is yet another betrayal.  Why should the church care though...if it alienates one American family who takes its money elsewhere, there will be 10 illegal Mexicans families to replace it. 

The Catholic Church has always been—and will always be—all about the money.  At its core, it is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, as heartless as Microsoft...perhaps more so. 

They only cared about our children getting raped when the victims and people left the church in droves and sued them.  That's a fact!


The writer, a non-Catholic, is a Department of Homeland Security official assigned to the New England region.

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