A Michigan Reader Wonders Just Who Will Teach Amnestied Aliens
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A California Lawyer and Tax Expert Says the Federal Government Has All the Information It Needs to Deport Aliens

From: Joann Nielson [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: McCain, WSJ 'Amnestied Aliens Will Learn English, Civics!" Joe Guzzardi: "When Hell Freezes Over!"

I read Guzzardi's articles with interest because I teach legal citizens about civics. Unfortunately, new citizens are not required to know much about our history or political system.

These are not dumb people. To the contrary, they are smart but no one has taught them civics.

When I was in the workplace, I tried to explain politics, basic government and history to younger people because they have no clue about our government, history or current events.

I was a political science major in college and I was required to take American government and comparative politics classes. I had to know how worldwide governmental systems worked. And I took a lot of history classes as electives that they gave me a broader perspective.

How are we going to teach immigrants civics to immigrants if we can't convince native-born Americans that it's important to know history—and I don't mean politically correct history?

My same question applies to English. If we can't teach our own population how to read and speak English properly, then how can we demand it of the immigrant population?

Do either McCain or the WSJ really believe that our failed educational system can teach more people when it can't even educate those currently enrolled in school?

How can we educate amnestied aliens when everyday the school systems beg for more money and newspapers regularly point out that our public schools are falling apparent?

Why would anyone endorse McCain and the WSJ's approach? It just doesn't make any sense. 

I can't wait to watch McCain go down in flames when he runs for President in 2008.


Nielsen is a housewife and part-time student.

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