A Texas Catholic Reader Shares Her Experiences
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November 17, 2005

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From: Carol Hawkins [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "In America's Struggle for Immigration Reform, Is the Catholic Church Public Enemy #1?"   

My husband and I attended the Texas Catholic Conference a few years ago.   

We had hoped to learn about lobbying in our own neighborhood to fight annexation.  We were horrified at the networking the Catholic Church provides for illegal aliens and how the church is the #1 problem we citizens are confronting.   

We have never contributed to Catholic Charities since, and believe that if most Catholics realized where their money is going, they would not contribute either.   

After much soul searching, and being raised Catholic, my Roman Catholic husband and myself, an eastern Ukrainian Catholic, decided to keep our faith, even though promoting illegal activity is corrupting it.   

How can we fight this?  What can we do? 

We live in SE Austin, Texas and have a very heavy illegal population.  When I go grocery shopping there are always young Mexican women with several children—using WIC, food stamps, etc, to purchase groceries.   

It's difficult to pay our high property taxes and health insurance, yet these people get housing assistance, medical care, food, education, etc., at taxpayer expense.  

This is crazy. These people should be sent back to Mexico!

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