A MA Reader Calls Democrats And Republicans "Dumber Than Rocks"
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From: William Consolo (e-mail him)

Re: Matthew Richer's Column: Scott Brown's Victory: New Englanders Love Their "Little Platoons," Immigration Is Hurting them

We don't know what kind of senator Scott Brown will be. But based on his Massachusetts campaign pledges, he's unlikely to vote for Obamacare in the event it ever gets to the floor.

Congressional leaders Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi will then target Brown and other Republicans as having "killed" health care.


The Democrats killed it by overreaching. The county probably would have rallied around a smaller, more modest health care bill that Congress could have passed. Instead, it tried to ram down a massively incomprehensible bill that scared Americans away.

What's interesting is that overreaching is the same mistake Congress made during George W. Bush's second term when it took up amnesty legislation.

If it had approached comprehensive immigration reform in smaller steps, it might have succeeded. Instead, Congress foolishly went for the "whole enchilada"

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are dumber than rocks.

Consolo is a registered Independent.

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