A Michigan Reader Demands The End Of All Race-Based Congressional Caucuses
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From: Frank Skaff (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: "Native American" Caucus Demands Apology From Black RNC Head Steele For "Racist" Comment

As an unemployed Michigan resident, I am insulted by the foolish U.S. Representative  Dale Kildee, who recently objected when Michael Steele used the phrase "honest Injun"

Kildee has much more important things to worry about. No state is worse off economically than Michigan. Kildee's 5th District is a struggling industrial shell. How Kildee has been elected to sixteen consecutive terms to a seat once held by Gerald Ford is a mystery.

As for the Native American Caucus which Kildee is co-chairs, I fully support former Congressman Tom Tancredo's resolution, which unfortunately went nowhere, to ban all race-based Caucuses. [Tancredo: Ban Minority Caucuses, be Ann Mulkern, Denver Post, January 25, 2007]

Apparently, Americans are supposed to be colorblind in our everyday lives but not in halls of Congress. 

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