A Globalist Irish Luxembourger (Or Whatever) Doubts VDARE.com Has Readers In Italy
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05/07/11 - A Reader Is Disappointed By Ron Paul's Immigration Blunder—And Thanks Us For The Information

Re: A Reader In Italy Thanks Us For Reporting What The Italian Mainstream Media Is Ignoring

From: Michael Kenny [Email him]

"A reader in Italy"! Yeah, I'll bet! How many million Italians read VDARE.com? You're a ridiculous bunch of liars!

James Fulford replied: Since you write from a European Court Of Justice email, [[email protected]] wouldn't that make you a "Reader in Luxembourg"? How likely is THAT?

Michael Kenny rejoined: I'm sure that you would use that formulation if you were trying to use some comment of mine as a basis for a fabrication.

James Fulford replied, again, (patiently): Well, if you are a reader in Luxembourg, why would it be a fabrication? And there are 60 million people in Italy, compared to half a million in Luxembourg. Why do you find it hard to believe that some of them have internet access and can read and write English?

(Previous skeptical letters from Michael Kenny involved his refusal to believe that Athena Kerry was a real person, or that that pseudonymous "Finn MacCool" was really Irish.)

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