Virginia Abernethy Points Out That Self-Identified Illegal Alien Protesters Could Be Deported
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Re: Undocumented youth protest at Statehouse, Indianapolis Star, May 8, 2011

From: Virginia Deane Abernethy [Send her mail]

The federal government has a responsibility to arrest and deport illegal aliens under the Federal Code 1324, Section 8.

When illegal aliens stage a public protest, it would be so easy for Customs and Immigration Service  to pick them up but apparently the crowd outside of Governor Mitch Daniel's office is not being asked to show documentation that they are in the United States legally!  I assume that the police have to wait for an incident of unruly action or disturbing the peace, but that shouldn't be too long in coming.

Governor Daniels is apparently debating whether to sign HB 1402 into law.  HB 1402 denies in-State tuition rates to illegal aliens.

Virginia Deane Abernethy is a professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University. She has written Census Bureau Distortions Hide Immigration Crisis and Unions Betray Their Historic Constituency for

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