A Reader In Italy Thanks Us For Reporting What The Italian Mainstream Media Is Ignoring
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05/02/11 - A French Reader Notes A Lack Of Chivalry Among Muslim Refugees:" During The Trip To Lampedusa, 12 Girls Were Thrown Into The Sea.'"

Re: James Fulford's blog post: Camp Of The Saints (Camposanto?) in Italy and last night's  letter.

From: A Reader In Italy [Send her mail]

I'd like to express my sincere appreciation of your site. Thank to you I become aware of facts happening or just happened in my country that our MSM completely cancelled off.

In fact, it's a shame that people must read foreign web sites to discover something true about their own country! But you know perfectly what I mean...

James Fulford writes: We do indeed! We have to read the Times of India to find out if a criminal in America or Britain is an Indian immigrant. Our own press won't tell us.

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