An Irish Reader Reports On The Albanian Situation In Ireland And The UK
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From: Finn MacCool [Email him]

Here are some cases of Albanian Immigrant Violence in the Ireland and the UK:


In 1997 Liam Martin, a burger joint bouncer in Dublins O'Connell Street was stabbed to death there by an Albanian Kosovar named Afrim Xhasa. Mr. Martin was from Carlow.

In 2003 Thomas MacCauley, age 44, from Belfast, was stabbed to death at an outdoor drinking party in Waterford city by an Albanian Isuf Kryzi. Mr. MacAuley had drunkenly boasted that that he would get the IRA after the Albanian who replied by saying f—k the IRA or something such and by then stabbing the Irishman to death

In 2004 an Albanian woman in Sligo was murdered by another Albanian in the town. Lindita Kujak was her name. Her killer was Eduart 'Ardi' Kulici (24).Mr. Kulici boasted that he didn't think Sligo was much (tough) or that Ireland was much (tough). Mr. Kulici had wanted Lindita to work as a prostitute for him


Beckham Kidnapping

In November 2002 UK cops smashed an Albanian criminal gang that was reputed to be plotting to kidnap one or some of the Beckham family.[ note: The alternative story is that the whole thing was a fraud—but by an Albanian fraudster, so the point is the same.]

McDonalds Stabbing In North London

In 2003 or thereabouts a young Londoner was stabbed to death in a McDonalds in north London after he verbally reprimanded a man for jumping the queue. The man, suspected to have been an Albanian Kosovar, immediately produced a large knife and stabbed the man who had reprimanded him to death. There was a dramatic report about it on the UK's BBC Crimewatch program and the victim had a Mc ( Mac ) surname and an Irish mother who was interviewed and spoke in her Irish accent for the program.

Securitas Robbery

The February 2006 Tunbridge Wells Securitas robbery was masterminded by five English and two Albanian cons. The Albanians were Jetmir Bucpapa, a Pizzeria worker and martial arts enthusiast, and Emir Hysenaj.

Hysenaj secretly filmed the layout of the depot weeks before the raid using a hidden cam tied around his waist as he worked inside the depot. Of the £53 million stolen in used notes only £21 milion has ever been recovered. The development of the case and especially the fact that £30,000,000 cash in used notes was unrecovered means that the Albanians have had the last laugh in spite of the prison sentences as crime has been seen to pay - in big buckets of hard cash - and the sensational success of it in this same regard will now draw thousands of young Albanian foot soldiers in crime into the UK as they will take it as a signal of success

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