A European Reader Doubts Athena Kerry Exists; She Reveals Herself (Slightly)
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From:  Michael Kenny: [ e-mail him]

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: Godless Reignites Catholic Student's Faith In Ann Coulter

Here in Europe few have heard of Ann Coulter. Those who have dismiss her as just another American loudmouth.

Who interests me is "Athena Kerry", whom I don't believe exists. Your announcement that you will publish a photo of Kerry that "her father" will develop is highly suspicious.

I assume the invisible "Kerry" is part of VDARE.COM's ongoing campaign to smear the world's largest religious denomination, the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholics do not call their children "Athena"! They name them after saints. Indeed, they have to. The Church won't baptize them otherwise.

"Kerry" is a non-existent name that, as far as I know, was invented by John Kerry's father. I suppose some Anglo dumb ass might think it sounds Irish, and therefore Catholic, because Kerry is an Irish county, but Irish family names are anglicized versions of traditional Celtic names, not modern Irish placenames. Only Protestants have such names (flautist James Galway, for example)!

Anyone with such trenchant views as "Ms. Kerry" would not conceal her university's identity. If "Ms. Kerry" has the kind of solid Catholic education that she claims she would not express herself in the kind of jargon she uses in her columns.

I assume the point of having "Ms Kerry" "graduate" is that she will now quietly disappear.

Athena Kerry replies: You're right. My name isn't Athena Kerry. Ever heard of a pseudonym?

Despite the fact that all four of my parents' children are baptized Catholics, three of us aren't named after saints. Neither is my mother. I've never heard of the requirement to which you refer.

If you read my other articles, you will notice that I'm an advocate for traditional Catholicism. I fail to see how my criticism of the intolerant crazies at my school smears the Church. The university yes, but the Church, no.

Anyone person with the strongly critical views that I have has to keep a low profile in order to avoid backlash. My university made it very clear that deviation from its agenda will bring drastic results. Because I wanted to stay employed by the school, and graduate without too much hassle, I opted not to identify myself.

And as for graduation—I worked very hard for four years for my degree. A double major is Philosophy and English is no joke. At one point I had three jobs while taking nineteen credit hours.

I am very happy as a Catholic, just as I am happy as an American, despite the obvious flaws I see on the ground.

One thing the Catholic Church consistently teaches is the idea of human fallibility. Without principled criticism, how can one expect improvement?

P.S. Jargon? Isn't there anything to be said for "youth-appeal"?

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