A Florida Reader Reports Further Hispanic Invasions Spurred By The Reviving Construction Industry
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Re: A Reader In Occupied Sugarland TX Reports Multicultural Propaganda From The University Of Houston

From: A Reader In Occupied Florida [Email him]

I’m sure if the university flyer the other reader posted showed all white students, the multicultural crowd would be having conniptions.

We seem to be getting a large influx of Latinos in the town where I live. It’s a Florida town which is known for its large retiree population, and lack of a sustainable economy. Construction is starting to increase, which would explain the influx.

The self-serving financial powers-that-be seem to love this “vibrant” multicultural experience. I am personally of Northern and Eastern European descent...and very fair skinned. The local Latinos don’t seem to care for my type.

James Fulford writes: It's true that many Latinos don't seem to like white men. Blonde, fair-skinned girls, however, are very popular with them.

If the reader were a girl, the local Latinos would be more forthcoming.  See Diversity Is Strength! It's Also…Ethnic Come-ons, by Athena Kerry.

As for an all-white photo, universities with largely white student bodies have been known to Photoshop minorities into their advertising material, just to avoid said conniptions.

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