A Reader In Occupied Sugarland TX Reports Multicultural Propaganda From The University Of Houston
March 29, 2013, 01:10 AM
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From: “Seething In Sugar Land” [Send her mail]

I`m sending this because I`m so disgusted I could spit. I received this flyer in the mail yesterday and was shocked to see that there wasn`t one white person in the picture.

A Reader In Occupied Sugarland, Texas Reports  Multicultural Propaganda

I live in Sugar Land, TX which is southwest of Houston and the district which Tom DeLay used to represent. My brother moved out here in 1984 when it was a nice "American" community. I moved here in 1995. For some reason, every Oriental, Asian, Muslim and unidentified Third Worlder has saturated the area over the last 20 years to the point where I feel like a foreigner in my own country wherever I go.

Fort Bend County boasts of their diversity and multiculturalism, while I loathe it. The city is now about 45% white—we have two Indian-American city councilmen—but I suppose that the University of Houston doesn`t care about 45% of the population.

I plan on calling/ writing the Board of Trustees to vent my disgust for this kind of discrimination.[Email Richard Phillips, the Associate Vice Chancellor at UH Sugarland] The fact that a Muslim in a headscarf is front and center adds insult to injury.

I plan on retiring early in three years and the first thing I`m doing is getting out of this city. There are still parts of Texas that resemble the country I grew up in.

I was born and raised in Houston, but it`s nothing but a cesspool now, compliments of all the immigrants who have ruined it. Legal or illegal, the end result is the destruction of this country`s sovereignty.

Anyway, I`m sure you receive stories like this all the time, but this one really got to me.

Thank you for all you do.