A Florida Reader Calls For A Repeal Of The 17th Amendment
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07/19/06 - A South Carolina Reader Says Illegal Aliens Beat Him To Those "Jobs Americans Won't Do"

From:  George M. Warm [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Rude, Crude and Dangerous To The Country

Hearing Mayor Bloomberg say that New York's economy would implode if all the illegal invaders were deported is more proof that everything is secondary to the bottom line. No matter what we outside the boardroom have to endure, the elites will continue hiring illegals with impunity and disregard the consequences to the nation that made them rich.

It is time for reform

Let's repeal the 17th amendment to allow a return to the original intent of our founders that senators are chosen by state legislators and not by popular vote.

State governing bodies should have a say have say in federal policy to avoid having the costs of illegal immigration unfairly imposed on them.

My Senators Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson listen to big contributors rather than Floridians.

Warm, who lives near the Gulf of Mexico, is a truck driver and Army veteran.

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