Sowell to Bloomberg: What about WW2?
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Tom Sowell has a new column, as ever making some interesting new points:

No issue discussed in this column has brought in so much virtually unanimous mail, so full of outrage, as the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens living in this country.

People have power in immigration debate Norwich Bulletin July 12 2006

Quite a statement from as battle-scarred a controversialist as Sowell!

He is hopeful about the influence of public indignation

Public outrage made the Senate and the President of the United States back down from their amnesty bill. That's the bottom line that counts — not whether you get a personal reply to your letter to a member of Congress or whether your letter to your local newspaper gets printed. Never think you don't count. You are what count most of all. Politicians understand votes if they don't understand anything else. They are virtually obsessed with public opinion polls

Sowell has thought of a new way of deriding the inane arguments of the awful Mayor Bloomberg:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is still pushing the line there would be economic collapse without illegal immigrants. But, despite the scary picture of 12 million illegals being suddenly deported, the cold fact is 12 million young Americans in the prime of life were removed from our economy to go into the military during World War II and the economy did not collapse.

Bloomberg is reported as saying he might spend $500 million of his own money on an independent run for President.

What the Immigration Patriots could do with one hundredth of that money!

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