An Oregon Reader Sympathizes With VDARE.COM But Says It Should Leave Israel Alone; Peter Brimelow Replies
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From:  [Name Withheld]

Re: Paul Craig Roberts

I'm sympathetic to some opinions on your website. However, I would never think of supporting VDARE.COM as long as you publish Paul Craig Roberts' anti-Israel diatribes.   

Actually, as far as the Iraq war goes and as one who follows the Israeli press, it's hard to see that there was much banging the drum there for the Iraq war.  Mostly, people seemed to think we were going after the wrong country—Iraq instead of Iran—or else they felt sorry for the mess we were going to get into. 

I remember one columnist who said re the Iraq democratization "You're going to do what!"  I also remember reading on an Israel website before the war that the Americans were not going to find the WMD because they were just then being moved to Syria. 

Maybe Bush should have gotten more advice from the Israelis, not less.  

In any case, what does Israel have to do with immigration, which is what VDARE.COM is all about, right?  Maybe you'd do better to post only material having to do with immigration. 

Posting diatribes about Israel or neocons must be a huge turnoff to people who, like myself, share some of your concerns about immigration, but who are staunchly pro-Israel.   

Peter Brimelow writes: Sigh. As I keep saying, VDARE.COM is a coalition focused on immigration reform. We do not take stands on other issues. But we like to carry the few MSM syndicated columnists who risk their careers to support immigration reform, and since we have to pay for all of their columns, we run them all. We figure their views on the Iraq War etc. etc. balance each other out. Judging from our mail, that seems about accurate. As it happens, we have also run articles by Zionist supporters of immigration reform—annoying a very different group of readers.

On a personal note, I have known Craig Roberts for some 35 years. He has been a loyal friend and influenced me in various ways, notably on the issue of prosecutorial abuse. As with the late Sam Francis, I promised to carry all his columns at a time when the Establishment Right was wimping out because they wanted to keep getting invited to the White House. I don't want to go back on that promise.

But I do wish he'd return to writing more about immigration.

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