A Fed-Up U.S. Reader Is Rejected By Australia, Wonders Where He Can Go?
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03/16/11 - A South Carolinian Answers Last Night's Canadian Reader

A fed-up Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Earlier this year, I tried to emigrate to Australia. Having a college education and no criminal record, not even traffic tickets, I thought I would be accepted into the country. When I received the rejection letter I was heartbroken.

It occurred to me that when more and more Caucasian Americans get fed up and try to leave the USA, which country will step up and take these refugees? Maybe, because of their skin color, it will be easy to say no to them.

James Fulford writes: Joe Guzzardi had a similar experience with the Australian Consulate years ago. [What Australia Could Teach Us About Immigration (Oh, Wait, It Forgot), December 31, 2005]

Australia is currently  accepting all kinds of boat people, Africans, Asians, Lebanese gangsters, rioters, rapists, and so on, but is apparently  not that interested in white Americans.

The only thing I can suggest is try Mexico.  If current trends continue, it should be almost empty soon.

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