An Australian Reader says the West May Be Reborn
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From: Peter Anderson [Email him]

Re: Andrew Fraser's article "Rethinking the White Australia Policy"

Recently I completed some studies in history at Macquarie University. Part of the reason I went there was because I heard reports of Andrew Fraser and the troubles he was having, which sounded to me like the university was being swamped with hypocrites. Which it was. I found there was a lot of racism on campus—often I was muttered at threateningly and even sometimes stood over by East Asians on campus—whether they were students or otherwise I don't know. 

You might be surprised by what crude tactics are employed to create their own "turf", and the extent to which this governs their public activity. Their modus seems to be based on geographical and social positioning, as you'd expect from any culture "on the make".

I was surprised when I found that one European history course was taught by an (Australian-educated) Asian woman.  I was later to learn that this was probably supposed to represent the triumph of Western liberalism, that is, that the West had "turned" someone from a foreign culture into a mouthpiece for their "own".  I think academia isn't as simple as that anymore, especially given decisions when it comes to ears in high places, and seats at the table in times of strife. However, amongst the traditionalists, it is also a great position culturally, as long as it isn't used for meddling or culture-jamming.

I was interested to read Fraser's article.  His identification of the likelihood of an ethnically-Asian managerial stratum in Australia's future is not far off the mark, I'd suspect (although I'd question the label "elite"). But more seriously for the Anglosphere in Australia, it seems the government might be seeking a Mandarin-speaking political class.  We've already had a test run and seeding of the bureaucracies in the previous Prime Minister. [ Kevin Rudd, a white Australian who can speak Mandarin.]

Furthermore, much of the West has been induced to drop its wealth-generating manufacturing industries.  Anyone can see that, without skill in managing and stimulating manufacture, the West has considerably less economic force to back its traditional culture up. The placement of capital is favoring the more docile workforces of the "Far East", and advertisers and media companies are lured into targeting the newly rich, abundant, and mobile Asian class.

The preparation for this dilution began a long time ago, but the good news—yes, there is good news in my letter—is that the forces and principles which have made Western liberalism so powerful and seemingly destructive of its own culture are being rapidly identified and redigested. 

I think what we'll find is that in the West an even more interesting and powerful creature is wrestling its way out of the cocoon of liberal postmodern mulch, which will be capable of returning the power of economy to the West.

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